Mon. May 27th, 2024

The UK Tourist visa in Thailand or UK visa for Thai girlfriend is the most popular single route entry for individuals to visit the UK for tourism, as well as business purposes. A UK Tourist visa for Thai nationals can be valid for visits of six months, as Thai nationals are required entry clearance when travelling to the UK.  The UK Visa applications are processed by the VFS in Bangkok, as they are the agency officially authorized by the UK Visa and Immigration.

UK Tourist Visa in ThailandUK Tourist Visa in Thailand

Qualifications in applying for a UK Tourist Visa in Thailand:

– Applicant should have genuine intent to enter the UK for a limited period of time;

– Applicant should not be using the visitor visa as leeway for extended stay to live in the UK by doing extensions and multiple successive visits;

– Applicant should not seek employment in the UK in exchange for remuneration;

– Applicant should not provide services to the public or produce goods intended for selling;

– If applicant is attending an educational course in the UK, it should not be the main purpose of the visit and should not take longer than one month;

– Applicant should have enough funds to finance the visit without requiring public funds or employment. If accommodated by family or friends in the UK, they should provide a letter stating that they are legally in the UK and are providing accommodation and support to the applicant;

– Applicant should have the means to leave the country at the end of their stay;

UK Tourist Visa requirements:

  • – Should be able to show intent to stay in the UK not more than six months, and leave the country after the end of the visit;
  • – Should be able to show proof of financial capability to shoulder the cost of the return or onward trip when leaving the UK;
  • – Should be able to show proof of financial capability to support and maintain self while in the UK;
  • – Should be able to show proof of having strong ties to Thailand;
  • – For sponsorship:

o   Letter of invitation from a UK national or permanent resident;

o   Letter of sponsorship from a UK national or permanent resident;

o   Proof of stable employment, to be provided by the UK national;

o   Supporting documents relevant to the visa application;

Always speak to a lawyer in Thailand if you wish to obtain a tourist visa for the UK from Thailand.