Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Need a Tourist visa for Australia in Thailand? If you wish to take your Thai girlfriend to Australia then you should not use a tourist visa but a proper Australian spouse visa or an Australian fiancee visa for the move. Below is the visa application for the Australian visa from Thailand for a Thai national. You can read further below for more information. Note that if you have registered your marriage in Thailand that an Australian Spouse visa from Thailand would be the best options, not an Australian visitors visa.

Tourist visa for AustraliaTourist visa for Australia

Is this your first travel to Australia? Will this be your second or even the third or fourth time?

Immigration history, plays a very important thing in a tourist visa application, which includes:

  • Previous history of your visit in Australia, and if or not complied with the visa rules
  • How many times or how often you have made an application previously to Australia
  • Past overseas record travels

Previous travel history is not only limited to the above mentioned scenarios, an overstay from a country overseas would also affect a tourist visa application. If this would be the case, and have overstayed in the past, there would be a delay of visa issuance and the application will be evaluated strictly. And so, as an applicant, you have to prove that your intention is not to overstay during your visit to Australia, and that this is just for a short period only. The Tourist visa for Australia is easy to apply for from Thailand.

Submission of the following documents would help you prove your intended temporary stay for a holiday or vacation in Australia.

  • Proof of employment or business in Thailand
  • Proof of an approved leave of absence from Employer
  • Also proof of registration or admission in a school or university (applicable to students only)
  • Proof of financial evidence: these would include bank statements, properties or assets owned by yourself in Thailand

It is a must to have sufficient funds available or even more funds to shoulder and spend for your expenses in Australia. The Tourist visa for Australia is explained on this website. Please know that employment would not be an option for a tourist visa if you fall short of funds. This way they screen applicants if able to support their stay in Australia with the requested days of stay in the country.

  • Proof of commitments or family ties from your dependants in Thailand

Documents required would change if application is being submitted with a Sponsor. A family, a friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend may sponsor your trip to Australia. They may financially cover all expenses paid or may also offer accommodation only while in Australia. Supporting documents may then differ from case to case basis.

It is recommended to have a legal representative assist and guide you with applying for an Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand.