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Consider applying for a US Tourist Visa in Thailand. One of the world’s most popular holiday getaway is the United States. And for Thai nationals to travel to the US, it would require a visa to travel there. It is quite difficult and disappointing knowing that a US tourist visa can be as complicated as it may be without seeking assistance from a US Immigration specialist.

US Tourist Visa in Thailand

US Tourist Visa in Thailand

A US visa is classified into two:

US B-1 visa would be under business or US B-2 visa under tourism.

If travelling on a B-1 visa, the intention must fall under business-related circumstances, such as business meetings, conference or any professional matters. The main purpose is to go travel to the US and attend anything that has to do with business.

A B-2 visa, on the other hand, is a travel meant for vacation, tourism, and activities as tourist. Both type of visa would allow a Thai national to travel in and out of the US for maximum of 10 years depending on visa issued. Length of stay should not be more than 6 months per entry.

A US tourist visa for a girlfriend for the purpose of holiday to meet friends and partners (boyfriend/ girlfriend) is somehow a difficult and more complicated thing to achieve.  The US government would evaluate is as a travel to perhaps find ways to marry, and they would like to see it under a K1 fiancée visa applied from Thailand than a tourist visa.  Many US petitioners are unaware of this issue and would like to apply for a tourist visa for the girlfriend. Which is in reality, most likely visa refused. They will see it with a high chance not returning back to Thailand once in the US.  The US government normally would advise a K1 visa  instead of such.

Anyhow, if the Thai applicant has sole intention in just travelling there for a short period of time, is employed, with assets in Thailand, and provided supporting documents for a self-sponsored visa application, maybe of higher chance, but, still evaluated and strictly screened by the US Immigration.

Basic Requirements for the B-2 visa, are as follows:

  • §  Completed DS-160 online application form
  • §  Valid passport or travel document
  • §  2×2 Id photo
  • §  Paid application fee
  • §  Supporting documents for the intended trip: evidence of funds for the trip, assets in Thailand and all other documents to show strong proof in Thailand.

When you consider the US Tourist Visa in Thailand then speak to a lawyer and always sue the correct visa when taking or inviting someone to the US. The US Tourist Visa in Thailand is meant for tourism and nothing else. 

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