Mon. May 27th, 2024

Look into a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand. There are a great number of foreign nationals who wish to have their marriages registered in Thailand. The reason maybe because, it would be an all in one celebration of marriage and honeymoon in this wonderful kingdom. In addition to foreigners who have met their loved one in Thailand who are also locals of the country.

Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Securing yourself in marriage is not as bad and selfish as what the others have thought about, but it is something which you are just preparing yourself for issues in the future that would not be so beneficial on your end. A prenuptial agreement drafted is one way to ease the pressure when marriage will not end as a good one, which of course, we do not hope for it.

Prenuptial agreement in Thailand is under the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. This is an agreement made in writing between two individuals who wish to enter marriage, thus, made a decision in securing themselves independently. This agreement includes list of all assets and the rights each party will have, including debts if there are any. An arrangement that would make things the easiest way for both parties in the event of divorce.

In Thailand, prenuptial agreement should be registered on the day of Thai marriage. It will be signed and witnessed. Thus recorded and kept in filing at the district where your marriage was performed and completed. It is differently done compared to most western countries wherein these type of agreement is between the couples only and not part of the legal process in marriage. Take legal advice for the Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand.

There are many aspects to consider in preparing a prenuptial agreement, wherein one or the other must know what they want during the marriage; at the time of marriage; during the marriage and most specifically in case of divorce.

Seeking legal counsel from a Thai family lawyer or solicitor which are well versed on the rules of your country as well as in Thailand will be the best to handle this process for you with your Thai fiancée. Prenuptial agreement have some common and different factors as well to those agreements in other authorities overseas.