Mon. May 27th, 2024

Are you considering marriage in Thailand? Thailand has been the center of tourism for the past years, and has been open to trade and business opportunities through globalisation. Every day, thousands of foreigners come to visit Thailand and thus making interracial relationships common.

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand

Some come to Thailand to marry a Thai woman, while others come to marry another foreigner. For many, Thailand is an inexpensive and practical place to get married.

The expenses for marriage registration are shockingly lower compared to the cost of wedding preparations in the West or in Europe, and the process is pretty quick and easy.

Same rules and same process apply to locals and foreign nationals when it comes to marriage registration in Thailand.

If you have plans to get married in Thailand, here are some tips on how to do it and things you need to bring with you before going to Thailand.

For foreigners:

  • Affirmation of Freedom to Marry and passport certification can be obtained from the Embassy in Bangkok
  • Copy of passport
  • Divorce or Death certificate, whichever is applicable

For Thai Fiancee:

  • National ID card
  • House registration certificate
  • Divorce or Death certificate, whichever is applicable

Marriage Registration Process:

Obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from the Embassy along with passport certification. This document shows that one is free to marry. Document requirements may vary for different nationalities for securing the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry.

Have your documents translated to Thai language. If you have your civil documents in a foreign language, have it translated to English at least. The Affirmation of Freedom to Marry should be translated to Thai. Marriage in Thailand is easy if you have the time and able to learn the process. 

All the translated documents need to be certified and legalised at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Lastly, you will have to register your marriage at the local district office. The wedding ceremony is different from the marriage registration; the latter is the legal part of the whole marriage process. Proceed to the local district office with all your documents and follow the procedures in their office, the officer will then issue your marriage certificate once all the documents are approved and signed. always take proper advice when you are going to get marriage in Thailand.