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Good question to ask as to how to get to How to parent with child custody. For a divorce in Thailand with mutual consent, certain terms of the divorce may be attached to the divorce certificate. For couples who have children, it is necessary for both parties to agree on which parent will be given custody of the children.

How to parent with Child Custody

How to parent with Child Custody

If at a later point of time there would be a change in circumstances, it is always possible to make changes of the custodial rights.

In cases where the mother is granted custody of the child, and she somewhat abandons the child but does not consent of change in custody, the father who is financially supporting the child and actually raising the child can apply for change of custodial rights in the court. Changes in custodial power must be decided by the court which prioritise the well-being and best interests of the child.

Required documents in applying for change in custodial rights:

  • ·         Divorce certificate, together with the annexed divorce agreement
  • ·         Valid Identification of the applicant
  • ·         Ministry of Interior record of the parent with custodial rights
  • ·         Birth certificate and House Registration of the applicant

The process of changing the custodial power can be filed in the Juvenile and Family Court within the jurisdiction where the divorce certificate and divorce agreement was registered; or at the Juvenile and Family Court within the jurisdiction of the residence of the parent with current custodial rights.

It is not possible for the custodial parent to authorise another person for court representation. After the filing of the proceedings, both the parents are required to offer a testimony about the child in front of the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection. In cases where the custodial parent does not consent of the change in custodial power, a legal complaint can be filed against the custodial parent at his or her place of domicile.